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Forsyth County Youth Basketball

2014-15 Season

For several different reasons the FCYB will be run through Collegiate Prep Basketball Academy.  Please find all of the 2014-15 information at then select Programs and then Forsyth County Training League.

It took over 2 years to bring this project to fruition back between 2008 and our inaugural season of 2010.  First and foremost a thank you needs to go out for the blessings of Matt Payne with the City of Cumming Recreation and Parks Department and Todd Shirley, Forsyth County Director of Athletics.

Since Coach Tucker started Collegiate Prep Basketball Academy back in 2005, there have been many questions asked and frustrations shared regarding the winter options for 5th and 6th grade competitively aspiring players in Forsyth County.  This league has been specifically created to answer the questions and solve the problems with the current system within the county. Middle school policy prohibits 6th grade players from participating on middle school teams regardless of size, athletic ability or physical talent.  That said the idea was to create an opportunity for these players with only recreational or church ball options.  The obstacles those programs have are they are trying to meet the needs of a very large group or they have a secific religious mission which does not allow for a more competitive or select opportunity.

By solving the afore mentioned problems we are proud to not only have doubled the league from our first season, but due to the popularity of the league we have added players in both the 4th grade and 7th grade levels thus creating 2 divisions.

During the winter of 2011-12 we even attracted payers who were starters on their 7th grade middle school teams.   

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